Okay, real talk: Why do so many sports nutrition brands sound like they’re gearing up for a Spartan war? We think you can absolutely slay your workout without taking life too seriously.

No more pinching your nose while chugging down mystery concoctions. 

Whether you're a salesperson crushing reps or a coder who occasionally swaps the keyboard for kettlebells, Be Good Bakery is here to make your fitness journey taste like a victory lap.

Cheers to keeping it tasty and real.



Will Tennyson is a fitness enthusiast and YouTube star with a flair for one-liners and a serious sweet tooth, especially when it comes to donuts. Known for his personality and playful approach to fitness, he's the guy who blends heavy lifts with light-hearted moments. It's about savoring every delicious step along the way.

Will created Be Good Bakery to echo his fitness philosophy: let's get in shape without taking ourselves too seriously. Make your moment, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.